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PMA provides a comprehensive suite of investment management services for high-net-worth individuals and not-for-profit organizations.

The Client Experience

As a boutique firm, PMA places the utmost emphasis on client service. With little turnover in our advisors, we have developed close, long-term relationships with our clients. The institutions we work with are used to interacting with the same people year after year. As a firm, we place high priority on client service and we are responsive to all requests.

Getting Started with PMA

Common Questions

Why work with PMA?

PMA is a conservative investment management firm with a disciplined approach that focuses on risk control, low investment costs, fully transparent investments, and a long-term investment horizon. PMA avoids the use of alternative investments such as hedge funds and private equity in our clients’ portfolios which may be costly and illiquid.

With guidance from professors of The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, PMA blends academic techniques with practical portfolio construction principles to deliver value for our clients.

PMA has a long track record of stability dating back to 1982. The management of the firm has transitioned from one of the firm’s co-founders to the next generation of his family.

How does PMA help me or my organization select an appropriate asset allocation?

Selecting an appropriate asset allocation is one of the most important determinants of investment success. PMA’s advisors will have a detailed conversation with any new client to assess their investment objectives, investment horizons, risk tolerance, potential spending or liquidity needs, and other investment preferences or constraints.

Following this discussion, PMA will help each client select an appropriate asset allocation that is reflective of these characteristics. PMA also provides to clients a short- and intermediate-term range of potential return outcomes for our model portfolios to further assist with this important decision.

Why does PMA only use open-end mutual funds and ETFs?

Since its inception, PMA has primarily used open-end mutual funds as the building blocks to construct our client portfolios. In certain circumstances, we may invest in ETFs as well. Mutual funds are a great vehicle for achieving strong diversification benefits, given the number of securities they typically hold.

Open-end mutual funds provide PMA’s investment staff with substantial flexibility in customizing portfolios and targeting various investment exposures where desired. A vast universe of both passively managed and actively managed mutual funds exists from which PMA can pull.

Open-end mutual funds and ETFs offer daily liquidity (not the case for all investment products), which is something both we and our clients value.

Does PMA provide additional support to individuals and institutions beyond investment management?

Yes, PMA provides an array of services beyond investment management for both high-net-worth individuals and not-for-profit organizations.

For individual clients, services include (but are not limited to): retirement (or other goal-related) spending analysis; tax-loss harvesting; advice about charitable giving and educating the next generation; and coordination with attorneys, accountants, and other trusted partners.

For nonprofit clients, services include (but are not limited to): spending policy analysis; financial planning support; and Investment Committee education.

Which advisor will I or my organization work with?

Our clients have the flexibility to select an advisor to work with — or, with no specific preference, we will assign an advisor. 

PMA generally operates using a team-based approach. A lead advisor will typically manage a client relationship and a dedicated client service associate will be assigned to manage the client’s day-to-day administrative needs. At the same time, many PMA personnel will be involved in various facets of the investment or advice process. Our clients will often have multiple points of contact at the firm to service various needs or questions. PMA investment staff will often join client meetings with our advisors.

How often does PMA meet with clients?

PMA’s advisors are available to meet with clients at whatever frequency is requested, either in-person or virtually. Typically, PMA’s advisors meet with clients on an annual or semi-annual basis for formal portfolio reviews, and advisors are often in communication with clients much more frequently.

How often will I receive statements about my portfolio?

PMA’s clients receive monthly statements that are produced by our portfolio accounting software and our custodian (which are two separate entities). Monthly and quarterly statements provide a detailed breakdown of client accounts, including asset allocations, specific holdings, and, on certain statements, returns.

High-Net-Worth Individuals

PMA works with individuals to figure out what is important to them and then recommends an investment mix based on those goals: saving for or spending in retirement, making charitable gifts, funding their children’s and grandchildren’s education, building security for the next generation, and others. We also have the expertise to help with a wide range of financial planning needs.

Although most of our clients are located in the Philadelphia area — our city of origin — we have clients in every region of the U.S. (Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, and the West coast). Location is never an obstacle to working with PMA.


  • Tailored investment management
  • Comprehensive financial planning
  • Retirement spending analysis
  • Tax-loss harvesting
  • Surviving spouse support and generational transfer planning
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Detailed reporting and online access
  • Coordination with attorneys, accountants, and other trusted partners
  • Customized analysis for unique needs

Not-for-Profit Organizations

PMA works closely with the staff and board of numerous not-for-profit entities serving many different communities in the tri-state area. They include religious institutions, arts organizations, museums, foundations, and a school. For many of these nonprofits, we serve as both a consultant and an investment manager. This allows these institutions to grow their endowment while supporting their programming, which is so important to the strength of our community. 


  • Tailored investment management
  • Nonprofit spending policy analysis
  • Financial planning support
  • Investment Committee education
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Detailed reporting and online access
  • Coordination with attorneys, accountants, and other trusted partners
  • Customized analysis for unique needs

“We’re proud of the legacy that’s been created at PMA. We’ve witnessed the firm’s growth since the beginning and it’s our honor now to lead it forward. Like our father, we are focused only on achieving success for our clients.”

Fred and Paul Snitzer

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