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Monthly Commentaries

PMA advisors share their current thinking in Partner Talk, a monthly publication for clients and associates of the firm . Select from those listed below to read online or download.

Jan 17, 2020 Decade in Review by Fred Snitzer
Dec 12, 2019 Luck and Choice, A Tribute by Paul Snitzer
Nov 18, 2019 Goldilocks Economy? by Richard Lerch
Oct 16, 2019 Market Turbulence by Craig MacKinlay
Sep 19, 2019 When to be Fearful and when to be Greedy by Paul Snitzer
Aug 23, 2019 A Thoughtful Simplicity by Fred Snitzer
Jul 22, 2019 Do Not be Distracted from Your Plan by Recession Talk by Keith J. Hardman
Jun 14, 2019 SWAN Song by Richard Lerch
May 14, 2019 American Capitalism, Debt and Tailwind by Paul Snitzer
Apr 17, 2019 Market Update by Craig MacKinlay