Manager Selection

Prudent Management Associates recognizes the significant impact that a fund’s expenses have on its performance. Because of this, we limit our focus to funds that are “no-load” and have low operating costs and management fees.

Because PMA is entirely independent of any fund company, we are free to select the best performing managers from any fund family. PMA focuses on quality, cost and performance as its only criteria, and is never forced to use a lower performing fund because it is the “least bad” fund that a particular fund family offers.

It is a real challenge to examine the results of the approximately 10,000 mutual funds in the market.  It is also not always easy to assess a fund’s true investment style since the stated style of a fund may not be what is actually driving the fund’s returns. Consistency in investment style also varies considerably from manager to manager.

PMA’s solution is a powerful process that combines a proprietary quantitative screen with intensive fund research and in-person manager interviews. Through this combination of intensive quantitative analysis of historical returns and face-to-face interviews with managers’ key decision-makers, PMA selects outstanding funds to include in its portfolios.