Prudent Management Associates is different—its guiding investment principle is the management of risk in its clients’ portfolios.

    PMA understands that preserving capital, controlling expenses, balancing investments across all sectors of the market, and ensuring maximum diversification within each market sector are key to controlling risk and reducing investment volatility.

    PMA has over three decades of experience creating managed portfolios that consistently perform well. They are designed to deliver outstanding results for the lowest risk in all market conditions.

    No one knows the future, and no one can forecast market performance, but nothing produces consistent returns like the rigorous quantitative analysis and thoughtful pragmatism that has been at the core of PMA’s investment process from its beginning.

    Founded in 1982 by Dr. Marshall E. Blume of the Wharton School and Edward L. Snitzer Esq., PMA manages one billion dollars in client assets for high net worth individuals and not-for-profit organizations.