Client Services

Services We Provide

PMA advisors are available to guide individual and institutional clients in both the analysis of their initial asset allocation decision and the re-evaluation of that decision when circumstances change.

Clients receive a monthly market value statement that shows the breakdown of their portfolio by fund. On a quarterly basis, clients are mailed a performance report and a transaction report.

Fidelity Investments, the primary custodian of PMA client funds, sends clients an independent monthly market value statement as well as an annual tax statement as appropriate.

Clients can access daily value statements and historical reports through PMA’s secure website and via the Fidelity website.

PMA’s financial department is also available to assist clients with questions about

  • procedures or documentation related to opening new accounts
  • making deposits to accounts
  • transferring assets into accounts
  • changes of address, signatories or beneficiaries on accounts
  • withdrawals or wire transfers
  • scheduled monthly payments
  • monthly reports and mailings
  • help with on-line account access